Little Tidbits to share:

1. What to wear? If you want to be the matching couple or family because that’s what you like by all means go for it. I like to tell my clients to coordinate, but no need to match exactly. Coordinating colors makes for beautiful pictures. Clean nails with clear or light colored polish show up beautifully in photos. No shoes if we are doing a shoot on the beach. Otherwise just be yourself! I assure you the photos will be beautiful the more comfortable you are in what you choose to wear.

2. Best time of day? Early evening sunny or an overcast day. Since we can’t always predict the weather I will do my best to provide gorgeous shots regardless. I rather not shoot in the middle of the day due to the sun straining on my clients and children especially. In some cases we may have to reschedule for those days the weather is outside of our control.

3. Why choose me as your photographer? Not only will you absolutely LOVE your photos, you will love the entire experience, the memories of the day, and forever have incredible photographs to show off to your family and friend’s. I primarily work by word of mouth so the relationships I build with my clients are treasured by me always.

4. How many images will I have to choose from? There are usually anywhere from 30-50 edited images depending on the style of photo shoot. In some cases I get trigger happy with the camera and go over, but you will receive a minimum of 30-50 great shots!

5. Boudoir photography will be discussed separately.

****Ask about our monthly specials!!!****

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