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Two things I enjoy most about Photography is watching people transform before my eyes and building new relationships with my clients whether personal friendships or professional networking.

My best clients are often referring people they know to me after a photo session together and I could not be more grateful! Best compliment I could receive:))

Majority of people who want to model tend to get shy when the camera is in front of them. This is completely normal among most of my subjects.

Unsure of what to do, how to pose, where to look? I always begin with a warm up simply allowing my clients to get relaxed with the idea there is a camera present. I engage in conversation with them on various topics. Before they know it we are half way through the photo shoot and they are having a great time.

Family’s and couples are adorable when they are allowed to just be themselves with one another. Again same concept I interact with them discussing things, asking questions, waiting for that honest moment they are smiling, laughing, and truly involved and completely forget about the camera’s presence.

Intimate weddings are especially fun! I take the time to get to know the couple and if possible their families too so that I blend into the crowd rather than stand out.

My clients have said just that….their families and friend’s always think I am a guest. Which is exactly what I’m going for. This allows me to get great candid shots, because people are not seeking me out to “pose” for photos. I shoot what the Bride and Groom ask for while getting the shots they never expected as well.

I find capturing people the way they are in everyday life and interacting with their loved ones makes for incredible photos to look back on.


Those are the moments we remember most in life and usually have no one around to capture the photo. I have had people ask me if I can get their child to smile in front of the camera, or get them to “pose” a certain way for the camera, or this or that. I respond the same way….yes I can always try, but what your child does today will not be what they do a year from today. So embrace it and enjoy it while it lasts, because once it’s over we don’t get that time back. Ideal example is my youngest daughter went through a stage we affectionately labeled it the “Grumpy” Stage -you know Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs….yes, like most families we are Disney fans. My daughter has always been incredibly happy and ALWAYS smiling with adorable little dimples, but from about age 18 months to a little over 2 years old she did the same thing every time she saw the camera come out (unless she didn’t see me-yes I’m sneaky too)….she immediately folded her arms across her chest and made Grumpy’s face! Honestly I loved it!

Everyone else would be smiling while she tried so hard to force the “Grumpy” look. It made us all laugh and naturally she would too. That is a stage she outgrew and we never saw again. However I’m thrilled I have pictures of her doing it, because we show her now at 8 years old and she laughs about it with us. It’s special things like that you can never get back so I say allow them to go through their stages eventually they disappear.

Another thing I hear often is “Oh I really want to have pictures done, but not until I lose this weight.” As I said above….time is irreplaceable so if you are able to have pictures done get them done! When you lose the weight you will have those pictures to look back on and be grateful for your accomplishment then get more pictures done with your new look. In addition to that we never know what tomorrow holds so don’t put it off. How many times do you say “I don’t have pictures of ME with my kids or just my significant other and I together. Always self pics or one of us missing from the group shot.” Another great reason to find a reasonably priced photographer for a fabulous photo session.

Call or email me for pricing and I will be more than happy to book a memorable photo shoot for you!

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